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  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 79: Follow Up – Fast Track To A Better Body Image

    Hayley is in her mid 20s and feeling super challenged by a constant onslaught of negative thoughts about her body. She also finds herself overeating and binge eating, and believes that when she has the perfect body, she can finally love herself. Her perfectionism is strangling her creativity and her happiness. She is clearly stuck and needs some new strategies. In Hayley's first compelling session, Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, helped her come up with some surprising strategies and unique hom [...]

  • The Brain in the Belly – Video with Emily Rosen

    One of the most fascinating developments in the field of nutritional science in recent years has been the discovery of the enteric nervous system, known as the “gut brain” or the “brain in the belly.” Although we’re used to thinking of the brain in our head as the commander in chief of our body systems, as it turns out, many of our digestive processes are designed to be regulated locally, by a complex and highly intelligent network of neurons woven throughout the stomach, intestines, and other organs. Unfortunately, many of us habitually ignore the messages that our gut brain s [...]

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 77: Follow Up – Fatigued, Overweight, and Ready for A Whole New Way

    Kim has been struggling with her weight for 28 years, and in the last 3 years she’s been dealing with low energy and fatigue. She has a solid knowledge of health and nutrition and has worked hard to lose weight and get her energy back, but is now feeling stuck and discouraged. Nothing is working, and she’s hit a dead end. In Kim's first session with Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating helped her discover an unexpected way through her weight and energy struggles that required Kim to radicall [...]

  • A Secret to Turbocharge Any Detox – Video with Marc David

    Nutrition and wellness experts are enthusiastically embracing the power of fasting or dietary cleansing to detoxify the body, boost our energy, strengthen our immune systems, and grant us good health. And as this practice has become more popular, there are now just about as many approaches to detoxing as there are people looking for a cleanse. But no matter which detox technique you choose, there’s one key strategy you can use to take your cleansing experience to the next level. In this illuminating new video from #IPEtv, Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eatin [...]

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 75: Follow Up – What To Do When You Dislike Your Pregnant Body

    Anastasia is a smart and loving woman who finds herself in a fascinating conundrum. She’s always wanted to be thin, and when she finally lost the last bunch of weight to get there, she was stressed about keeping it off, and then she found herself pregnant. And as hard as it is to admit, she feels disgusted with her “fat” pregnant body. Anastasia knows she should be seeing things differently, but she simply cannot stop the self-attacking thoughts. Tune in to this fascinating episode as Marc David, founder of the Institute for [...]

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 73: Follow Up – Sugar, Weight Loss, and The Road to Being Fabulous

    Our 20s are often a time of great change and flux, and a time when we want to feel our healthiest and sexiest. But for Arielle, sugar seems to be getting in the way of her finding her natural weight. What’s more, her challenge with managing sugar has her feeling less confident about life and hungry for some answers. In her first session, Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating helped Arielle discover that her sweet tooth is here to teach her some important life lessons - the kind of lessons that can h [...]

  • Pleasure and Metabolism – Video with Emily Rosen

    Do you remember being told as a child that you needed to finish a certain food, even though you didn’t like it, because it was “good for you”? Or maybe you’ve pushed yourself to include certain tasteless, joyless foods in your diet because you’ve heard they’ll help you lose weight or manage an unwanted symptom. Your parents surely had your best interests at heart when they encouraged you to eat these foods, but they were likely missing one key factor: the role of pleasure in the digestive process. As it turns out, we can be eating the most nutritious food in the world, but if [...]

  • How to Have More Energy – Video with Marc David

    Do you secretly believe you could do so much more with your life, if only you had more energy? So many people today would love more energy to have fun with their families, to get ahead in their careers, or to devote to their special projects and passions. In the United States alone, we spend tens of billions - yes, billions - of dollars on energy drinks every year, trying to get an extra boost that we hope will take us where we want to go. But quick fix products never seem to pep us up for very long, and they often leave us feeling more drained than before. What if there was a proven, re [...]

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 71: Follow Up – Saying Goodbye To Shame Helps Us Say Goodbye to Weight

    Clara grew up surrounded by a dieting mentality and feeling shame about her body. She always felt that something was wrong with her and needed to be fixed so she could finally be lovable. The problem is, she’s forever trying to lose weight that just won’t come off. In her first session, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, revealed some surprising lessons that Clara needed to learn to put her body in the optimum state of calorie burning, and put her mind in the right place so she can stop fighti [...]

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 69: Follow Up – Trauma and Weight Gain: The Hidden Connection

    Imagine carrying around 90 extra pounds for a lifetime that was triggered by trauma and abuse ages ago. Imagine exercising and dieting for years in a diligent way and losing almost nothing. What would you do? Can that weight ever come off? Stories like this are more common than most people realize. And when all the traditional approaches fail, it’s time to try some unusual and unexpected approaches. In Kathleen's first poignant and powerful session, Marc David helped her to learn some unique and unusual weight loss strategies that are unlike anything you might have ever imagined. Tune [...]

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