Bonus Holistic Nutrition Module

Our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training now includes a Bonus Holistic Nutrition Module.


Though we focus on the Psychology of Eating here at IPE, we strongly believe in the importance of good holistic nutrition. That’s why we have added as a special value for our students, a holistic nutrition course that’s suitable for those who are beginners in this field, and for those who want a solid review course. Want to start your own career in nutrition as an Eating Psychology Coach™? The bonus nutrition module has been produced in conjunction with Hawthorn University, one of the premier professional nutrition schools in the country. This module provides a holistic approach to nutrition with relevant and practical information. This optional, self-paced module is a great value for our students.

Topics in the Bonus Nutrition Module include:

Whole Foods Nutrition – including Whole Foods, Fresh Foods, Seasonal Foods, Plant Based Eating, Chemical Free & Organic, Lifestyle Factors, Irradiation & Pesticides, Water, Dietary Systems, and more

Digestive Physiology and Anatomy – including Digestive Health, Dysbiosis, Digestive Assessments, Mouth, Stomach, Small Intestines, Villi, Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine, Colon Health, Transit Time Test, and more

Macronutrients – Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates – including Introduction to Macronutrients, Overview of Carbohydrates, Glucose, Fructose, Fiber, Overview of Fats, Metabolism of Fats, Intro to Amino Acids, Protein Needs, Select Amino Acids

Micronutrients – Vitamins and Minerals – including Introduction to Micronutrients, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium, Heavy Metals, Intro to Vitamins, RDA, ODA, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Supplements

Fundamentals of Diet Evaluation and Planning – including Diet Plans, Food Characteristics, Nutrition Analysis, Client Diet Record, Client Intake Process

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