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We’re excited to announce the launching of a powerful new program especially designed for the public! The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is internationally acclaimed for our one-of-a-kind professional trainings. And now, we’re sharing our cutting edge body of work with anyone looking for a breakthrough with food, body and health.

The Program

Are you tired of the same old messages about food, nutrition and health? Are you interested in letting go of the inner struggle around body image and weight? Have you ever imagined a greater possibility when it comes to your relationship with food – a way of eating and living that could leave you truly nourished and fulfilled? It’s time for a fresh, new conversation when it comes to eating. It’s time for a breakthrough.

This 8-week course is an opportunity to take a decisive leap forward with food! You’ll learn some of the powerful tools and techniques from the new approaches of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that can help you create the change you need most. Marc David – Nutritional Psychology expert, best-selling author, and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – will deliver easy-to-practice techniques to transform your relationship with food and energize your metabolism. This will be an inspiring time together where you’ll discover the nutritionist within, and learn to nourish your body in a whole new way.

Some Key Highlights of Transform Your Relationship With Food™ include:

  • The best tools for working with emotional eating
  • Simple strategies for natural appetite regulation
  • Hidden contributors to weight gain
  • Mind Body Nutrition techniques that fuel digestion
  • The nutritional power of pleasure
  • The unseen connection between metabolism and emotion
  • The potent influence of bio-circadian nutrition on energy
  • Regulating mood with macronutrient balance
  • How the physiologic relaxation response promotes calorie burning
  • Letting go of dieting, saying hello to eating
  • Change your thoughts, change your metabolism
  • Powerful strategies for a positive body image
  • Easy-to-practice tools for binge eating
  • Timeless wisdom teachings for healing your relationship with food
  • And lots more…

Is this Program for me?

We want you to find a sense of peace with your eating challenges. We care about our students and celebrate their success. We’re committed to a cutting edge approach to eating psychology and nutritional health. And we invite you to the table if you’re looking for a more holistic approach that addresses all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart and soul.

Transform Your Relationship with Food™ is for anyone who eats.

  • It’s for those who are tired of dieting.
  • It’s for people who are in a battle with how their body looks.
  • It’s for anyone who has a challenging relationship with food.
  • It’s for emotional eaters.
  • Binge eaters.
  • Overeaters.
  • Anyone with unwanted food habits.
  • It’s for anyone who’s been trying to lose weight.
  • It’s for people who have health concerns such as digestive challenges, immune issues, low energy, mood problems and others.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine what would happen if all the energy you put into anxiety about body, weight and food was available for your life.

  • What would you do with all that extra energy?
  • Who would you be?
  • What would you create?
  • The possibilities would be incredible.
  • It’s time to stop draining your valuable life energy.
  • It’s time to take all that life force that goes into worry, perfectionism, self attack and anxiety about eating and use it to create the life you came here to live!

Where Does this Program Come From?

Transform Your Relationship With Food™ was developed by Marc David, Nutritional Psychology expert, best selling author of the classic books Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet, and founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Marc originated and developed the new approaches of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology, and is a pioneer and leader in creating an eating psychology for everyone.

He’s been teaching, counseling and researching for over 3 decades and is dedicated to creating a positive, inspiring, results oriented approach to the full spectrum of our eating challenges. He’s combined various tools and distinctions from functional and clinical nutrition, along with a long list of psychological traditions that together create a fresh new approach that works. This approach is time tested with thousands of clients and tens of thousands of readers, students and followers around the world.

What Can I Expect from Transform Your Relationship With Food™?

Expect a lot – especially if you give a lot; any training or program is as beneficial as the work we put into it. We’ll give you all kinds of great tools, insights, and practices that are designed to have a powerful impact on your relationship with food, and on your metabolic potential. We’ll provide you with a framework from which to build a new and nourishing relationship with food and body. We deeply believe in the power of any member of the human family to heal, grow and transform. It’s never ever too late.

We’re inspired to do this work because indeed, we’ve seen it work so well. Helping and mentoring others to heal, to find peace, to awaken, and to break through to a new and healthier place is perhaps the most rewarding service we can do for each other. So you can expect a great sense of commitment and care from the staff here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and you can expect the following as well:

New insights + Plenty of “Aha” moments

Information you can truly use

A renewed sense of hope

More freedom with food

A deeper respect for your journey

A new beginning with your body

Consider Transform Your Relationship With Food™ as a great choice if any of the following describes you:

  • You have a curious mind
  • You’re willing to look at yourself
  • You’re not afraid of a cutting edge approach
  • You’re open to new ideas
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck
  • You’re bored with the same old strategies and diets that don’t work
  • You’re ready for change
  • You’re tired of being told you don’t have enough willpower
  • You’re tired of beating yourself up
  • You know deep inside that there’s a better way
  • You want an approach to food and body that’s positive and uplifting

We think you’ll love Transform Your Relationship With Food™ and will benefit tremendously.

We’re excited to share our breakthrough body of work, and we’re committed to seeing each and every participant in our program find a whole new place of nourishment, health and freedom with food. It’s time to take a big leap forward!


Would You Like a Sneak Preview of the Curriculum?

Here’s a taste of what we’ll be doing. This is by no means a complete look at the program – we simply want to give you a sense of how things will unfold. We’ll cover a significant amount of material in this 8-week course:

Week #1 – Foundational Concepts for a New Relationship with Food

This powerful presentation will lay the all-important groundwork for breakthroughs to happen and for true change to take hold. A few highlights include:

  • How to work with and understand any health symptom
  • A new view of eating psychology
  • How to see your eating challenges in a whole new light
  • Understanding how our issues with food originate
  • Key principles to re-inventing your relationship with food

Week #2 – Harnessing the
Metabolic Power of the Brain

In this pivotal session we’ll take an in-depth look at the important ways that mind, brain, and emotions impact nutritional metabolism. Some highlights include:

  • Tools to access the metabolic power of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Increasing digestion, assimilation & calorie burning via emotion regulation
  • Letting go of toxic nutritional beliefs
  • A deeper understanding of emotional eating
  • How the brain impacts food addictions and attachments

Week #3 – Lessons from
Dynamic Eating Psychology

It’s time to re-invent how we view our eating issues, and the practical approaches we take to fix them. In this session we dive into exactly what results-based strategies look like when it comes to transforming your relationship with food:

  • Positioning yourself for breakthroughs with food and health
  • The 7 key domains of life that impact our relationship with food
  • Discovering the brilliance in your eating and health challenges
  • Strategies for navigating any eating concern
  • Success stories

Week #4 – The Nutrigenomic

This session is a fascinating exploration into the leading edge of nutritional understanding. You’ll come away with doable strategies that can be metabolic game-changers. Some highlights include:

  • Simple yet powerful universal nutrition principles
  • A deeper understanding of what creates nutritional and metabolic health
  • Key dietary strategies for a greater sense of empowerment and energy
  • New insights from genetics, clinical nutrition and cutting edge research
  • Nutritional self-care made simple

Week #5 – The Psychobiology of Pleasure, Desire and Appetite

In this fascinating session you’ll come away with a fresh new perspective and powerful insights around managing appetite, hunger, and our inborn need for pleasure. Some highlights include:

  • A big-picture understanding of hunger and appetite
  • Effective tools for natural appetite regulation
  • Mind Body Nutrition techniques for overeating
  • Tapping into the hidden wisdom of binge eating
  • Using pleasure to fuel metabolism and enhance nutritional status

Week #6 – Nutritional
and Emotional Mastery

A detailed look at how our personal and metabolic worlds synergize to create health and vitality. This is a fascinating blend of science and psychology. Some highlights include:

  • Accessing the intelligence of the enteric nervous system – the brain in the belly
  • Harnessing the power of the gut-brain for empowering digestion
  • Enhancing energy with bio-circadian nutrition
  • The hidden connections between immunity, food and mind
  • Mastering your relationship with food

Week #7 – Food, Metabolism
and the Sacred

This is a time to focus on the deeper aspects of our relationship with food and how it’s impacted by the larger life lessons that we’re here to learn. Highlights include:

  • Finding the places that you hold back
  • Discovering your personal life lessons and their impact on health
  • How giving your unique gift is a powerful metabolic enhancer
  • Unleashing your authentic expression as a way to empower your relationship with food
  • The connection between food, health and spirituality

Week #8 – Creating a New
Nutritional Story

In our final session together we’ll integrate the lessons learned in this online retreat and chart a new course for a nourishing and inspired relationship with food. Some highlights include:

  • How our personal story impacts metabolism
  • Contacting your inner purpose around food and health
  • How to generate a long-range nutritional strategy that works
  • Managing obstacles into the future
  • Embracing greater levels of health, energy and freedom

Here's What this Breakthrough Program Includes:

Access to Our Exclusive Website

You’ll receive access to our easy-to-navigate private website that’ll be your home base for the duration of the online retreat. Each week a new class is released – and you can review that week’s material including videos, audios, and handouts.

8 Inspiring Videos that Create a Strong Foundation

Watch Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and best-selling author, as he lays the foundational concepts for each week’s class and offers thought-provoking questions and inspiring musings about how to transform your relationship with food.

8 Powerful Audio Classes

Each week also features a powerful audio class with Marc that dives into the heart of the material, concepts, and strategies to help you on your journey. All of these audio classes are yours to download and keep for life. After downloading, you can listen to them on the go and any time you need to revisit your relationship with food.

Summary Handouts with Key Highlights

Each session includes downloadable PDF handouts of key highlights and the most important summary points from that session. This is a great way to reinforce your learning experience and focus on the material without the need to take notes. You can download these handouts and come back to them anytime you want a refresher.

Plenty of Helpful Exploratory Exercises

With each week’s release, you’ll receive downloadable PDF handouts with journaling questions and introspective exercises to help you explore your relationship with food in a deep and powerful way. One of the important keys to transformation is practicing the right strategies that can take you where you want to go. You’ll have plenty of opportunity with these great exercises.

A Private Online Community

Enjoy an exclusive Facebook group where you can engage and connect with like-minded and like-hearted others in this transformative retreat. This will be a dedicated, private space where you can share with others on the same journey. Ask questions for peer feedback, share insights and stories, and receive and offer support as you dive into the TYRF experience.

Here at the Institute, we wholeheartedly believe in investing in one’s health and well-being. We want you to feel inspired about your life, and your relationship with food. If that means putting your money where it counts, then why hold back? We believe that a happier inner world and a healthy body are foundational to abundance. Normally, to receive the kind of value this program provides would require a lengthy amount of coaching or counseling that would far exceed the price of this program. Transform Your Relationship with Food™ is designed to deliver. We’ve done our very best to create a program that has real value. Invest in yourself with the commitment to succeed, and the payoff will be immeasurable.


Marc David, M.A. is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating; a leading visionary, teacher, and consultant in Nutritional Psychology; and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. He has held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, and the Disney Company. Marc worked in product development in the natural foods and supplements industry, combining expertise in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and natural health. He also served on the editorial board of the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. His humorous, engaging, and informative speaking style has made him a popular and well-loved presenter, and his non-dogmatic approach to nutrition appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for positive, inspiring, and innovative messages about food and metabolism. Marc’s work has been featured on CNN and NBC, and in publications such as The New York Times, Chicago Times, McCall’s, Glamour, Elle, Utne Reader, Yoga Journal, WebMD, and numerous others.

His books have been translated into nine languages. Marc has presented at a long list of professional settings including Harvard University, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Omega Institute and many more. Marc earned his M.A. at Sonoma State University and trained at the Harvard Mind Body Medical Institute. He lives in Boulder, CO.

[su_testimonial_student_all name="Emma Payne" photo=""]The Transform Your Relationship with Food 8 week program has been a great eye opener and life changer for me. I can now appreciate why restricting food and increasing exercise hasn't been a sustainable lifestyle for me. What I've taken away with me is that self love goes a long way to help with my food struggles. I'm certainly more accepting of myself. And the most powerful thing I learned was that somehow over the years I had thought I was an extremely fat person and always had been. Looking over photos from years ago I came to the realisation that I'm not a fat person, and have since reprogrammed how I think of myself. That's no longer my default setting of who I am. I also have a lot more awareness and forgiveness for myself and others. I would recommend this program to those who have tried to lose weight or conquer their food demons previously but it has not worked or not been a long term success. I've lost weight and put weight back on many times. I now feel confident that I can be the person I'm here to be, I can make food choices in line with my values in life and reach my potential without filling the voids in my life with food![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Nevin Rupani" photo=""]I have been dieting for past 30 years and also tried exercising, but it was all in vain. Then I joined Transform Your Relationship with Food to help me with my health problems as well as eating challenges. This program was very powerful as it taught me a lot of things and made me reflect upon my own behaviour. The videos and articles were very informative. The journalling questions were also very beneficial. Since taking this program, I have started listening to my body. I eat what I like and I'm trying to know what should I eat according to my condition (diabetes). I never knew that my body spoke to me and told me what to eat and what not to eat. I am happy and no longer worried about my weight. I know and understand that it will become manageable slowly and eventually. I have come to accept and love my body, as a beautiful soul lives within it. I am deeply thankful for your contribution and efforts, as because of you I have started living a healthy life.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Pamela Wasabi" photo=""]When I first heard about the program I immediately assumed it was not for me. But I've been on a journey of holistic nutrition and doing a lot of self work to get out of my own way. And something I've learned from that search is that usually what we deny ourselves and build walls against, is exactly what we are missing in our life. So I took a second look at the program, and although I'm not a binge eater, nor have I struggled to lose extra pounds, there was something between the lines. I knew it was for me. I decided to take the program. I thought, "What can I lose?" And, man, did I learn more than a few things about myself, about food, and about our relationship with nutrition and the true meaning of nourishing. I will recommend this program to anyone, no matter what path of your life you are in.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Sandy Macklem" photo=""]Transform Your Relationship with Food has changed my life. Imagine finally being free. Free from your struggles with food and weight. Free to just live - to be the real you, to have love and joy in your life. So many of us want this, but feel we are not allowed to have it. Messages from our past, and from society, have taught us that we are not allowed to feel happy about ourselves until we are good enough - and we won't be good enough until we are skinny enough. Imagine finding out that not only is it okay to love and accept yourself right now as you are, it is necessary for finally achieving a sustainable transformation. Love, acceptance, and kindness towards self is Step 1, not the prize at the end. Imagine a philosophy that teaches how slowing down and relaxing into life, body, and your inner power is key. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Starving ourselves, bingeing and overeating, beating ourselves up, then starting all over again has not worked. So why not try this? You are worth it.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jennifer Marsh" photo=""]Like many others, I have tried a lot of different diets and get frustrated when they don't work. This program has definitely created a new awareness of my eating habits and how it correlates to my mind/body experience. I have been working on accepting my body the way it is today and learning how to enjoy the food I eat without the negative self-talk. I love the concept of doing the soul's work as a part of how I nourish myself. The inner and outer work continues, but it is coming from a place of acceptance and experimentation rather than anger and resentment when the diet fails me and I don't lose weight. Almost every woman I know would benefit from this program. It breaks my heart to hear all of the starvation tactics and negative self-talk used by friends and family members. Thank you for your incredible work and for sharing so many meaningful concepts in this program. I look forward to learning more![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Greta Braun" photo=""]What I loved about Transform Your Relationship with Food is that it is all about empowering us! Not telling us what to eat or what not to eat, but gently yet powerfully guiding us to the place inside us where we are our own best experts. As a Coach for Women with Bulimia, I embrace valuable opportunities to deepen my knowledge so that I can serve my clients even better. This course was such an opportunity. In addition to deepening my knowledge in emotional eating, I gained insights into new perspectives. For everyone interested in lasting results instead of quick fixes, in coming to a place of deep self-knowing and feeling empowered, as well as in a teacher and guide with decades of expertise and a huge heart for his clients, this course is for you![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Sutten Stephan" photo=""]Transform Your Relationship with Food pulls it all together for me! I'm a 51 year old woman who has struggled since I was about 10 years old with weight and body image concerns. And yes, I had tried NUMEROUS different ways to treat the "symptoms," most offering just a short distraction from the deeper underlying reasons why I was using food as my symbolic substitute. So many of your teachings and sessions rang true for me and I have been kinder and more patient with myself over these past weeks. I have enjoyed food more and have really deepened my understanding of the importance of my own metabolic power. I'm learning to sit with my feelings rather than simply reaching for comfort where time and time again it has been proven not to be found! I'm learning to help my body help itself, and it feels empowering! Thank you for your continued efforts and work at the Institute. I am very grateful.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Christine Sholar" photo=""]I began the Institute for the Psychology of Eating course in a state of desperation. I spent many years battling mysterious dietary problems, several autoimmune conditions, as well as adrenal problems. I spent more money that I can recall on supplements (god, the number of supplements), went on every nutritional diet I could get my hands on and tried every alternative therapy out there - Rolfing, osteopathic doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, acupuncture, yoga, exercise. Still, nothing worked – my life was on hold while I waited for someone to fix me. This program finally provided me with the insight I had always known, but never was able to accept. Deep down, I suspected that there were components of my health issues that were not going to be able to be solved by “fixing my biochemistry.” As a scientist, it was hard to see that these very physical manifestations were somehow rooted in my mind. Now it is clear, very clear. I’m not perfectly healthy, but I am much happier and calmer. I love the concept of not seeing myself as broken and being able to live and enjoy my life. I am eternally thankful to this program for teaching a different story that allowed me to see that the responsibility lies on my shoulders and how that shift in thinking grants me the power to live the life I want to live. I hope others benefit as much as I have from this amazing program – we would be such an amazing society if this is how we all approached our health.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Hannah Hamlin" photo=""]My life has truly changed. I am a 22 year old female with type 1 diabetes. I have struggled with body image and blood sugar perfection since I was diagnosed at 13 years old. Over the last eight weeks, something absolutely unimaginable has happened: for the first time in almost ten years I haven’t felt broken. Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires me to take insulin and count everything I eat in order to manually balance my blood sugar level. I constantly wear a continuous blood glucose monitor, prick my finger at least twice per day, and take 5-10 injections per day. Over the last few weeks I was able to do all of this, every day, and not feel broken. I still can’t believe it. This has touched me so deeply that I still can’t say, “I am not broken,” out loud without tearing up. This program has made a lasting impact on my mentality and my ability to have self-love, and has laid the groundwork for a long-lasting wonderful relationship with food. [/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Nikki Lucas, Remedial Therapist" photo=""]Transform Your Relationship with Food was without a doubt one of the best courses I've ever done. Every singe week was packed full of incredibly useful information which I have been able to slowly integrate into my life. The program has had a positive impact on me that has reached far beyond my relationship with food. It has helped reinforce to me the importance of living a meaningful and authentic life and has helped me to strive for relaxation instead of stress in my every day life. I now understand how my negative relationship with food, body and myself is actually a gift and reminder to keep turning my compass towards fulfilling my purpose. I would recommend this program to everyone who finds their thoughts about food and body taking up way too much head space. I feel so lucky to have found this program and forever grateful. [/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Bex Howells" photo=""]The Transform Your Relationship with Food program has opened my eyes to far more than my relationship with food. In taking the time to love and nurture myself, I feel better able to relate to others and support those I cherish most. I feel far more confident to try new foods and I am learning to love to cook and experiment. Eating is no longer something to be feared and controlled but to be enjoyed. I feel able to get on with my life; food is for nourishment and is no longer an obsession. The journaling exercises and practices have been a useful tool to reflect on my progress and I will continue to use them in the future. I would recommend this program to anyone who struggles to regulate their appetite and gives over more power to food than it deserves. For anyone who wants to make peace with themselves and be free from self-hate, guilt, and shame around their eating habits, this is the course for you. Thank you for giving me the insight to slow down, breathe deep, and be present in my own life. I feel comfortable in my own skin and am enjoying life's journey. I have thoroughly embraced being imperfect. Long may my relationship with food be harmonious. Thank you.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Tara Hanson, LCSW, CHHE" photo=""]There was so much information provided in this class and I am still processing it all and will continue to apply it all not only in my personal life, but to my work with my clients. I took this class at the perfect time; a time of spiritual emergence really, and as a result I have opened up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in a new and exciting way. I had insights throughout the course that culminated in week 7 when processing my spirituality and greater gifts. At this time, I let go of old pain and opened up to a love and peace that I had not known. I have always had great belief in the spirit of the Universe, but have not been comfortable integrating it in my life and now I can be authentic with my spiritual values and begin to put it to practical use. I've realized my journey with food has been a gift; leading me to connect to a spiritual source through my physical senses. This far outweighs any comfort I receive with food. I know in my humanness I may want to return to food as a source of comfort, and yet I fully trust that my spiritual connection will continue to grow stronger and allow a beautiful and pleasurable relationship with food. I am very grateful for your holistic perspective and Marc David's integrity as a teacher and a leader in the field of the psychology of eating. I thank you for your gift.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Deb Bailey" photo=""]I couldn't be more pleased with my investment in Transforming Your Relationship with Food. I truly believe it was the next step for me in my journey to making peace with my relationship with my food, my body, and my life. I had struggled with yo-yo dieting for over 40 years. I had earnestly tried to bring my body into a much healthier place, but I was constantly on an all or nothing path and I had reached the point where I was tired of losing the weight, only to gain it back again. TYRF gave me the space, the tools, the support, and the time to truly shift how I viewed myself, my eating, and my role in my own life. I had an opportunity to begin to "Claim my own true power," as Marc David teaches. I developed an awareness that I had been living in the old patterns of wanting, wishing, hoping, and fear that I had experienced as a child and which continued to play out in my relationship with food. The little girl living in my "belly" had been crying out for attention and love, and I had responded to her through judgment and the false nourishment of unhealthy foods. I am no longer that needy child. I am claiming my true power as a powerful and amazing woman who is practicing self care and self love; who is finding beautiful and nurturing nutrient dense foods to enjoy and take pleasure in eating; who is learning to speak up for herself and pursue things in her life which are satisfying; and who is learning to trust in the beautiful wisdom of her own body. Thank you, Marc David, for the powerful lessons of Transforming Your Relationship with Food.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Erin Meadows"]Thank you so much for this journey and experience. I learned so many wonderful things that are helping me to change the way that I view myself and to embrace who I am as an eater. A couple of the big "take aways" for me were learning to enjoy who I am and where I am on this journey. I have learned the importance of slowing down and not creating stress for my mind and body by thinking negative things about my body and what I am eating. I never knew that I was creating stress chemistry in my body that was telling my body to do the opposite of what I wanted because I was thinking negative thoughts about myself. The mind truly is powerful. I also loved learning some of the science of food and what things are good for my body and what things are poison. I am in the experimentation phase of this and look forward to seeing the results. While I would love to have a quick fix, I am learning to relax into the journey. I recommend this course to everyone![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Liz Marushin, MFT"]I so loved the eight week Transform Your Relationship with Food program! After working on my relationship with food all my life, I truly feel more at peace than ever before. I found Marc David’s warmth, intelligence, and depth, truly inspirational. One memorable experience was the exercise in writing my personal 10 Commandments. I was resistant at first but have found it to be one of the most helpful. One of my Commandments is to "just help make the planet a nice place to be." This commitment has really made my life much happier. Not surprisingly that shows up in food choices and overall well-being. I will recommend your course to all my clients, family and friends.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Ashley Looker"]Transform Your Relationship with Food has been a life-changing experience for me! I have struggled with my relationship with food for years, and nothing has ever come close to uncovering some of the underlying issues and misbeliefs, like this program has. You can’t find a program like this out there - this is a completely one-of-a-kind invaluable program. It is chock-full of simple, yet profound exercises and information that are accessible to the modern, busy person. As a Health Coach myself, the information from this program has given me new perspective into my own eating issues and awareness that I know will benefit my clients. I cannot thank Marc David and the staff enough for creating this program. Everyone who is an eater needs to enroll in this program![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Amy Williams"]I came to this program looking for the answers behind my emotional eating. I used to weigh 260 pounds. I lost the weight and have kept it off. I had to totally change my lifestyle. BUT I was still an emotional eater. So I went searching. I came across Marc and Emily on the Autoimmune Summit and wanted to experience this Transform Your Relationship with Food on-line program. So I signed up. The information I learned far exceeded my expectations. And for me, my emotional eating just went away within the first 3 weeks. I think learning new information is key in changing behavior. As I came to understand WHO I was as an eater, the emotional eating stopped. Thank you Marc for all of your research and for having the ability to get this information out to the masses. I so appreciate this program! [/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jessica Starr"]I have struggled with various eating disorders, body image shame, and food issues since I was 16 years old. Over the past 28 years I have worked with countless therapists and programs searching for support. The Transform Your Relationship With Food was by far the most personal, invigorating, positively challenging, and thought provoking program I have participated in. I will carry what I learned from TYRF with me for the rest of my life and look forward to using these tools to help others in my own work as a clinician. Thank you Marc David and IPE staff.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Simone Muxlow"]The biggest gift for me was listening to Marc every week. Whenever I was struggling, or feeling like nothing was going to change, I would listen to his talks and get to feel that wherever I was, was perfect for me. What a gift. It kept me motivated to keep going and to have appreciation in the moment I was creating. I feel reverence for the work and for the depth to which Marc takes it. Way beyond what we really think are the issues, you get to show up for yourself and decide how you want to be from here on. It’s inspiring and humbling and I am kind of a little in shock that my life has changed so dramatically. I really am so much happier in myself and with my body, and I’m empowered by being able to support others from the knowledge and awareness I've gained. I am so grateful. There are so many people I will be recommending this to, and you know what’s really, really cool? It will meet you exactly where you're at, wherever that is.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Christine"]This was the most powerful and valuable online course for eating related issues I have taken. It was very different from any other "weight loss" courses I took in the past, most of which didn't delve deep enough to address underlying emotional issues. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn that we are all beautiful no matter what our body shape is like and that we must stop trying to be perfect. I learned that it was okay to make mistakes and that we can simply try something different and move on when something does not work. I also learned to closely pay attention to my body and its physical and emotional needs. I would recommend this course to anyone who has eating issues or who is desperately trying to lose weight. Thank you for developing such a wonderful course and teaching the most important wisdom every person should have.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Michelle Boto"]I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for developing such an amazing program. As someone who has struggled with weight, body image and self-esteem for many years, it is such a relief to feel that someone does understand and is able to provide guidance to moving through these issues in a loving, self-nurturing way. It is like a light at the end of the tunnel. The more I seemed to fight my weight, the worse off I was mentally and physically. While it's an ongoing journey, I now understand there is a message in my eating issues and finally I am able to make peace with some of the underlying issues. Thanks for giving me back my sanity! I would highly recommend this program as a first resort, not a last resort after trying everything else. Thank you so much, it is truly life changing in a very empowering way.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Geraldine"]Thank you for Transform Your Relationship with Food! It has been mind opening. I am 66 and have been troubled with episodes of binge eating for many years. This course is an exploration, with an aim to effect transformation. The area of exploration around your relationship with food is yours to decide; Marc will be your guide but you will decide where to go. Exploration requires effort and commitment and constant constant practice. The course is not a magic wand, the momentum for progress will come from you and your practice. Your own mind will be the powerhouse of this next stage of your life. The process is effected with weekly talks summarised in notes available for later revisiting. Keeping a journal allows you to record everything happening around you and your mind. I found it a very useful protocol to dig deep, and then to redig in later weeks and notice changes. I'm now using the ideas and methods to transform my relationship with other roadblocks presently in my way, e.g., my relationship with "difficult" people, my relationship with anxiety in a sporting context, and so on. I recommend the program wholeheartedly. [/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Janice Coverly"]I would just like to say how impressed I was with the Transform Your Relationship with Food program. I have been varying degrees of overweight most of my life and have made the rounds of diets and "nutrition programs" (which were really just diets in disguise), so at first was reluctant to sign up for this one. TYRF was such a refreshing change from the calories in, calories out, eat this, don't eat that programs. It was such a relief to realize that my actual food consumption was not the issue so much as the "diet mentality" I have held for decades. It was powerful to learn that even though I have not been on an official food program for a while, I was still thinking and eating as if I were! I consciously began to dismantle that mindset and allowed myself to eat freely, for the first time in years. And guess what - no weight-gain! In fact, I am starting to notice changes in the fit of my clothes and definitely have more energy. Although it was difficult at first I am allowing myself to eat a lot more during the day and it has definitely made a difference in the amount of binging later in the day. I would highly recommend the TYRF program to anyone who is wanting to understand and transform their relationship with food. It is not a quick fix and definitely gets you to take a look at yourself from all angles. I loved how each week Marc presented a different aspect of eating and life. This is a unique, multifaceted complete program you will not find anywhere else. I plan to revisit the material again and again. Thank you so much, Marc and your team![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Nadeije Athlan"]I started Transform Your Relationship with Food out of a desire for something different. A few years of therapy had resolved many of my food related problems. Here I was, years later, a much happier person, more balanced and mature. I had a fair diet and good habits coming from European descent. No binge eating, no overeating, no emotional eating, but still overweight. Reasonably active, doing exercises I liked on a regular basis, knowing full well how diets just don't work and so, not trying to diet anymore. And still overweight and not too happy about that either, and not always accepting myself as I was. This program was a turnabout for me. I had never truly engaged my eating as a relationship before. Being present, appreciating the moment, being slow, listening in to what my body had to say. I was happy to find in the program a spiritual part, since I am a strong believer in the need to access something bigger than myself to heal thoroughly. I did the practices, the journaling, the observation of myself and I felt an inside change that is a win/win relationship with myself. I might be losing weight too, but really, that is not the point. In the end, what I GAINED is much more important: a best friend at my table, in my seat, for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for this simple yet deep, coherent and heartful approach, without guilt or shame. I am putting money aside for the coach training![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jillian Grainger, N.D."]Transform Your Relationship with Food was fantastic and I am so glad that I will have these recordings and exercises available to me in the future. Marc’s way of approaching things has helped me to know that I am not alone in regards to my own relationship with food and health. His insights and wisdom have encouraged me to take a step forward in my journey with diet and well being on a deeper level. It is humbling to know that this lifelong journey may never be perfect and that it does not need to be. We must embrace whatever comes along and let go of what we think is not ideal. Even when we are faced with challenges, the important thing is to accept what’s there and love ourselves in the process. Thanks for the great program.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jessica Hughes"]I can't say enough great things about the experiences that I've been through while studying this work. If you're wanting to expand and deepen your physical, emotional and spiritual life, then the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is for you. Transform Your Relationship with Food is an invitation to dive deep and to take an honest look at what truly nourishes body, mind, heart and soul. Marc David is a brilliant mind and a deep, caring soul. His conscious teachings beckon us to wake up and experience the fullness of our lives. I can not express the gratitude I have for this beautiful body of work. It has allowed me to share my gifts more fully, to better serve others as a teacher, healer, and counselor, and to step more fully into the fullness of my own life.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jodie Lea Cleave"]The way in which Transform Your Relationship with Food has been so skillfully structured, allowing each and every participant the time they require to immerse themselves fully into the depth and gravity of this important work, is a testament to the skill and wisdom of Marc David and all at the Institute. I already feel lighter in spirit and more centered in my body, I feel I have found my tribe. The wisdom I have gained by Marc's soulful and heartfelt delivery has touched my heart and spoken to my wise woman, giving her permission to take her rightful place as my guide. I especially enjoyed and got a lot out of watching the videos, and am delighted to be able to download the audio to keep for life. I feel the content will serve me well beyond the 8 weeks, and having it there to refer back to is a blessing. You promised to over-deliver, and over-deliver you did. I am awash with new and wonderful information, but more importantly I have had my existing knowledge confirmed, giving me added confidence and, most importantly, trust in my future choices.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Deanna Bowles"]My story begins about the age of eight. I was sexually abused by a family member who's threats would continue to haunt me for the next 10 years of my life, until he finally passed away. My way of handling this situation was turning to food. I have been an emotional eater for the past 43 years of my life. I have tried almost every diet under the sun, at times losing anywhere between 25-100 pounds, only to gain it back and more. I try not to let this abuse consume or define me, but I have always had this "stronghold" on me that I have never been able to get past. I came upon one of Marc's messages while listening to a Gluten Free Summit. I started listening to some of Marc's videos online and learned of this class, Transforming Your Relationship With Food. I loved his messages and felt that this was finally the program to help me break through this emotional eating, for good. I have learned so much from this program, especially learning to love myself and my body again. Marc taught me how to digest this experience and break free from this "Strong Hold" by recognizing when I'm emotionally eating, becoming more aware and to no longer think of myself as a victim. Life is good and although I understand there may be setbacks in my journey, this class has taught me to get over it, not give up and "Get back on the Horse!"[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Katharina Wind"] As I am still in the middle of processing what I have heard over the last 8 weeks and the "nuggets of wisdom" are still constantly revealed to me and sinking in, I really feel like I might not be able to find appropriate words right now for how big the impact of the program on my life is. However, I will try to give you an idea of what it means to me: Transform Your Relationship with Food helped me to trust myself again and finally believe what I always felt was true. My heart is so joyful again and full of gratitude for this honest, encouraging and self-empowering program! It feels like being freed from a nearly lifelong burden of being in a self-destructive conflict with the truth I knew somewhere deep inside of me on the one hand and what I was constantly experiencing on the other hand. If I had to choose one word to describe the experience it would be liberation, because truth always sets you free. Thank you…[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Maev Robinson"]I was excited to hear about this course! The combination of the weekly sessions, the homework, the Facebook group support and my own experience in my relationship with food and my body made for an incredibly powerful transformation. Everything I was experiencing was full of openings and learnings and insights. Beginner's mind had me newly hearing and experimenting, from a place of curiosity and appreciation. What an amazing body I have, different from any other body on the planet. Now, when I do something that doesn't sit well with my body, I don't berate myself, it is all an ongoing exploration. This is not another technique, it is a new, beautiful way of looking, full of life and wholeness. Every aspect of the course was non-judgmental and welcoming of me and my experience, and as I shared more and more I was always met with respect. On the Facebook page many of us shared our own self-judgment, part of our experience, but no one judged another or tried to give advice. I felt listened to, seen, and valued, safe to speak about all of it. Marc David and IPE: your work is unique and brilliant and very inspiring! This course takes the judgment and the suffering out of the very natural and beautiful process of getting to know my body, and how my body wants to eat in any given moment. Thank you. [/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Cara Patterson"]I have struggled with food issues all my life. Food has been a way to numb, to disconnect from the intense and conflicted emotions that continually erupt from deep inside. Marc David delivers a framework of principles and tools that create a paradigm shift. I have gained courage to explore those deep recesses in a more patient, loving and non-judgmental manner. This eight week course is actually just a beginning that sets me on a lifelong path. It is time to reconnect with all those experiences and feelings that sent me running. It is time to be messy, human, and unafraid to fail. I give myself permission, and I thank Marc for his fine work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who struggles with their relationship with food.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Karen Wallet"]The most memorable thing about the program was the realization of how important the gut is and how it impacts everything that we do. The role of cortisol and insulin on digestion led me to take steps to reduce my very excessive stress. I now do meditation, breathe before I eat and deliberately eat slower and enjoy my meal more. I won't say that the pounds fell off, but my clothes have gotten bigger and my face is once again recognizable as it is slimmer and not puffy. I would recommend this program to anyone because whether you need to lose weight or just understand the way the mind, the gut and digestion works, you get a step by step, understandable way full of aha moments to relax into your relationship with food, make it part of your humanity and get on with enjoying your life. Thank you![/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Tess Gallagher"]Firstly can I say thank you for providing fantastic insights into the whole subject of eating issues and human behaviour. The most outstanding message I have taken from the course, among many, is "Expect Setbacks." And most importantly, the program gave lots of advice on how to manage these. Linked to that, there was some excellent help on the topic of Perfectionism. In my own case this was so well timed, because I thought after the first few audios that I really "got it" and was miraculously free from any torment about food and eating. Then I had a minor setback with predictable activation of self loathing, and fortuitously, Marc’s presentation came to my rescue. I am so glad I got the opportunity to access this program. It is truly life changing.[/su_testimonial_student_all] [su_testimonial_student_all name="Nerina Cesa"]Writing a testimonial about my participation in TYRF is one of the hardest things I had to write. The program and Marc David's teachings and insights go far beyond your relationship with food. It's about your relationship with life and yourself. It's about changing your paradigm completely. So many things impacted me in this life changing program. Throughout the program, I found myself crying many times, so many things stirred my soul and made me feel like, for the first time, someone finally got it right and understood our relationship with food from a totally different perspective. Marc addresses nutrition with so much wisdom, clarity and simplicity. After having been eating for so many years, I can finally say I feel nourished, eating gives me so much pleasure and I don't feel guilty anymore. Eating consciously, with awareness, has been for me one of the greatest benefits I got from this program. I would recommend this program not only for those with eating challenges. This program is for EVERYBODY, as it opens the doors to yourself and gives you a new understanding about something we all do: eating. I am so grateful to Marc for his powerful teachings, for caring and giving, and to all those at IPE that make it possible.[/su_testimonial_student_all]