Tuition + What the Training Includes

Our Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training is the most comprehensive distance learning health coach program in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that you can take from anywhere in the world.


We know that you want a solid value for your investment. We’re committed to giving you way more than your money’s worth, and providing you with a unique training that allows you to have the kind of lifestyle and earnings that make for a life you can truly love. The Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training gives you the tools and skills to help others in a deep and meaningful way. We’re proud of this one-of-a-kind professional offering that goes far beyond a typical health coach program.

200 Hours of Videos and Slideshows

This is the most complete, innovative and inspiring educational experience in eating psychology you can find. The Institute is the worldwide leader in combining results-oriented nutrition with a deep understanding of our fascinating relationship with food. Our curriculum is personally and professionally transformative, and our content is unparalleled in the marketplace. You’ll receive access to 7 information rich modules delivered over 8 months. Each module has introductory videos with Marc David, Founder of IPE that outline the important concepts in that module followed by 20-30 hours of narrated slide shows that dive deeper into the work. And you can access it all from anywhere in the world on your computer or mobile device.

Hundreds of Handouts

In addition to the video and audio classes, you’ll receive a powerful collection of written notes, worksheets, highlights, lessons, protocols and more that are included in easy-to-read PDF form. These handouts cover topics such as weight loss, body images, overeating, binge eating, digestion, coaching techniques, nutrition strategies, and so much more. They’re great for ongoing reference and reinforcing your learning experience. And all handouts are downloadable and yours to keep for life.

Introspective Exercises

Each module includes optional exercises to help you deepen into the material. These are many of the same exercises you’ll be giving your clients. Here at the Institute, we believe strongly that doing the work to transform your own relationship with food, health and body will greatly enhance your skills and effectiveness as a practitioner. Most students report that these introspective exercises catalyze significant insights and breakthroughs in their own lives.

Live Q&A Tele-Calls with Marc David

This is a valuable and unique opportunity to interact directly with the Institute’s founder and primary teacher. Marc David is an internationally acclaimed teacher and skilled facilitator. You’ll receive insightful feedback from one of the most well-regarded and cutting edge leaders in eating psychology and nutrition. All classes are recorded for those who cannot attend live. Participate in 2 teleclasses per month – over 16 Live Tele-calls!

Bonus Business Training Module

Our bonus business module delivers the same cutting edge information that the leading business programs for coaches and entrepreneurs address today. Learn basic through advanced skills that will set you apart from the crowd with strategies for building your brand, defining your business model, creating programs, on and offline marketing, social media, and more. This Business Module is taught by Emily Rosen, Chief Operating Officer for IPE, and is a huge value for those just starting out, or for anyone looking to expand their practice or business.

Bonus Nutrition Module

Receive a solid foundation in nutrition with topics ranging from digestive physiology and anatomy to the fundamentals of whole foods nutrition and macronutrient balance. This optional, holistic, evidence based module is a great review and an excellent way to learn the basics. Our core training itself features a great amount of content in Mind Body Nutrition, functional and clinical nutrition, as well as results-oriented nutrition recommendations. We include this bonus module at no additional cost for those of you wanting a clear understanding of the nutrition fundamentals so you have the information you need to make a powerful impact with clients.

Live Conference

All students are welcomed to attend an optional live event for their graduating class that’s held at the end of the Training. Get inspired by IPE staff and fellow students, experience live client demos, hear new content, work in small groups, and network and celebrate with others. Marc David hosts this event along with the IPE team. You’ll have the opportunity to meet so many of your fellow students who are committed to making a real difference in the world. This is a popular and well-loved part of the training and a great way to launch into the next phase of your career!

Done-For-You Forms & Marketing Copy

We’re committed to giving you the tools to succeed! We provide you with effective marketing and website copy to help you communicate your work and your message. We’ll give you the kind of copy that’s clear, catchy, and helps tell the world exactly what you’re about. You’ll also receive essential intake questionnaires, client agreements and more to help launch or elevate your practice.

Peer Coaching Program

In this optional part of the training, we’ll match you with a fellow student so you can practice the skills you’re learning throughout the training. Each month you’ll receive topics and discussion points to explore with your peer coach. All sessions are done over phone or Skype and at your convenience. This is a great opportunity to get grounded in your educational experience, learn how to work with phone clients, and connect in a whole different way to the material.

Private Online Community

Built into the training website, we’ve created an exclusive online forum for you to engage with fellow students and IPE staff around training content. Monitored by senior IPE Staff, this is a great way to have discussions with not only the IPE team, but your colleagues from various backgrounds. We also have a private Facebook group for professional networking opportunities. These platforms allow you to dive into course content, professional development and your own relationship with food, while receiving support from peers and IPE staff.

Downloadable Digital MP3 Recordings of Every Class and Call

The Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training includes over 200 hours of information rich classes that you can watch or listen to by logging into our exclusive training portal. And because we want you to be able to return to the material for years to come, we’ve made ALL the classes available to download as audio files. You’ll be able to save them to your computer or mobile device and enjoy the material for life whenever you need a refresher or an infusion of inspiration

Eligible for Certification

All students, upon completion of the training, are eligible to be certified as an Eating Psychology Coach and receive a professional quality certificate in the mail stating their name and certification by the Institute. You’ll feel both proud and confident knowing you’ve integrated and learned a powerful body of work. Certification is not a requirement to participate in the training – some students choose to simply audit the program without any testing, but for those of you looking for a competitive edge in the Nutrition and Health industry, don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity for certification.

As you can see, this is a fantastic value, and we’re proud to provide our students with a one-of-a-kind education that empowers them both personally and professionally.

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